Dellino Law Logo & Website

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Dellino Law knows how to ambitiously start a new business. Here we created a brand new logo design and 15 new websites to launch the new company. Yes, you read that right = 15!

By creating a larger number of websites, the goal was to create an online marketing campaign that is sure to cover the many specialties of the law firm.

Technologies: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Dreamweaver, FileZilla

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Sassy Litigations Website

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Sassy Litigations asked Boom Eye Design for some help in updating their website. They had specific ideas on how they wanted the website to look but just needed a helping hand in order to make that happen. So we developed a simple WordPress driven site that allows the client to easily update, add and modify the content on their site. Some of the features include an events day calendar, random text JavaScript, customized header and links to social media.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, WordPress, JavaScript, PhP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Adwords, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Negley Compositions Logo & Website

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It was time for a renovation for Jonathan Negley, Seattle based music composer and film scorer. Over the past 3 years since we originally designed his website, his business had changed and was looking for more of an online presence.  Not only would his site serve as a portfolio to showcase his music and talents, but he was also interested in selling music on the web. To do this, we set up an eCommerce site connected to Paypal with capabilities of serving as a blog and connecting to his multiple social media accounts (which were also designed and set up by Boom Eye Design).

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, WordPress, JavaScript, PhP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, RSS Feeds, Blogging, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), shopping cart feature

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Wedding Ideas on a Budget Logo & Website

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Wedding Ideas on a Budget launched a new site in time for the wedding season in March 2011. It has been steadily growing in traffic as new content pages are added regularly. The stats read higher numbers everyday due to the search engine optimization techniques and habitual additions to the site.

The Freebies Blog and weekly tutorials, Tutorial Tuesday, have been a welcomed addition boosting traffic numbers by 150%. Future plans for this site include a quarterly newsletter.

Technologies: CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Content Creation, RSS Feeds, Blogging, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Shopping Cart Feature

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Kim Daughtry Ongoing Newsletter & Email Campaign

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Kim Daughtry launched a brand new email campaign in time for the 2010 Holiday season. This included an HTML email based newsletter to be sent out monthly with a print mailer to be sent snail mail for future campaigns.

Email newsletters are sent out each month.

To view the archives, click here.

Technologies: CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator

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Monroe Village Farmers Market Website

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Monroe Village Farmers Market, located in Monroe, New York, wanted a redesign of their existing website that held an urban yet organic look while making it incredibly user friendly. Designed as a team, this site serves as the main point of reference for the market’s activities such as upcoming events, volunteer sign up, and vendor applications. It was designed with the wide target audience in mind.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, Photoshop, Project Management


Kate’s Joint Logo & Website

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As a part of a 24 hour design challenge, created logo and website for Kate’s Joint, a vegetarian eatery located in Brooklyn, New York, offers comfort food for those with vegetarian and vegan palettes. The goal here was to represent the cutting edge that Brooklyn has to offer while giving a comforting, solid feel that indicates delicious food awaits you here at Kate’s Joint. Gotta love the name! I swear it’s not me. :)

Technologies: Flash, ActionScript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator



Kim Daughtry Hair Design Logo & Website

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Kim Daughtry, an experienced hair artist, needed help branding her services for marketing. In order to convey fresh style driven by professionalism and years of experience, Kim’s logo, theme, website and email newsletter were created.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop

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South Lake Union Chiropractic and Massage Website

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South Lake Union Chiropractic and Massage was looking for a complete redesign of their website. The new design incorporates the original logo coupled with a fresh new styling. The site now has all the information structured in a new organization as well as a fully functional contact form.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop

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Larkspur Fox Logo & Website

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Local artist, Larkspur Fox, needed a website to showcase her art pieces as well as market them. Her main goal was to have a point of reference for people to find her work and buy it. This eCommerce site was designed using various technologies to achieve a simple and colorful experience. The idea is for her work to stand out, not the website itself.

Technologies: CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop

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