Making eyes go BOOM!


Kate Moriah – Eyes are BOOMing!

Boom Eye Design is a small, Seattle-based operation representing Kate Moriah.

I am more than a designer who has a hot sketching hand – I’m passionate about the holistic process of translating your ideas to production.

No matter how small the task or how grand the vision, Boom Eye Design is here to help you get your information out there – and look great while doing it! Whether you need illustration, web design, logo design, graphic design for print, photography or even just coming up with a witty birthday card for your funky Uncle Phil, I’m here to help.


Because I love it!

And it makes people happy!

I want to tell your story!  Let’s discuss your vision and together discover the best online or print representation of you, your group or your company.

Success is realized when visitors to your website have a satisfying and informative experience. My expertise is the custom-design of an online presence that honors your business by attracting interest with eye-popping visuals and representing your brand with integrity.

Upon project completion, you will have a product that is both user-friendly and visually stunning.

Remember, I am in the business of making eyes go BOOM!